vibrata chromodoris

Franny & Zooey
h 7' x w 10' x d 10'
CNC cut plywood, laser cut birch, strobe light
Saratoga Springs, CA

Franny & Zooey was constructed of 4 interconnected, 7 ft tall catenary-shaped arches. The plywood arches,composed of CNC precision-cut modular pieces, slotted together for assembly and packed flat for transportation. A steel spindle fitted with bearings was mounted in the top portion of the structure. When the spindle was rotated and lit by a strobe light, the cutout wood shapes forming the spokes of the spindle gave an impression of smooth, continuous change and motion. One participant was required to operate the zoetrope, while others could view it from below.

Special thanks to Leif Granberg for his assitance.