vibrata chromodoris

I've done my best with this online portfolio and catalog to showcase each piece in a visually honest way that conveys the spirit of the work and gives the viewer an accurate representation.

Photos of the work are often corrected and manipulated in Photoshop to balance the color, remove lens distortion, and otherwise fix sloppy photography. I do all the photography of the work myself, mostly with an iPhone. The fancy-schmancy interior shots with my art on the walls are computer-generated mockups. These images are cropped, shrunk down and squeezed through the aether into your device, over which I have no control. With all of those virtual stages in the delivery of my art to your eyes, there are bound to be differences between the way you imagine the art to look and the way it looks in real life.

One remedy for this is for you to schedule an in-person visit to my studio. Feel free to contact me, or sign up for my newsletter to be notified of my next open studio event.

If you decide to forego a studio visit and would like to buy a piece through my online store, please be aware that I do not offer refunds. If you're unsure about a purchase in any way, please contact me to schedule a phone meeting. I can answer detailed questions and send you more images to help you feel more confident.

I will have the work insured against damage or loss in the shipping process, but I don't accept returns of pieces that have been handled and repackaged. If you receive a piece with damaged packaging, you may file a claim against UPS. Once you remove the piece from the shipping carton, it's yours.

I'm very skilled at packaging art and go to great lengths to wrap and cushion each piece using the most thoughtful professional guidelines. The box will be marked "FRAGILE". UPS will require signature confirmation of delivery.

Shipping prices include the cost of insurance, packaging materials, plus a handling fee.

Prices are for US ground shipping only. Please contact me directly for shipping outside of the mainland US. Together we'll determine the means and cost of shipping based on your location and assess any customs fees.

A few things about copyright:

Exclusive copyrights to the physical work continue to belong to me post-sale and cannot be transfered without written consent, in accordance with US copyright law. This includes altering the work, commercial use of the physical piece or of reproductions of the work, or publication of the work that doesn't include proper attribution to the artist. I reserve the right to require that any repairs to the work should be done by myself unless I approve otherwise. Copyright does not change upon resale of the work. I reserve the right to be informed should the work be resold and to claim a fair resale royalty.

All content in this website, including all images, writing, design and code, belongs 100% to me.

At this time, I'm not taking on any commissioned work.

Vibrata Chromodoris
October 29, 2019

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