vibrata chromodoris

Artist's Statement

When a high school art teacher introduced me to Joan MirĂ³, I had my first insight into the potential of abstraction to lift the mind out of the mundane. It was many years, however, before I had the courage to go there myself. What compelled me was the desire to express the ineffable, the transcendent, the divinity that's just within reach in a moment of deep inner stillness.

I practice using geometry and symmetry to create a focal point for that stillness. Visual rhythm and repetitive patterning arranged in a strict grid invite the mind into a trance state, like the beat of a drum. The beguiling perceptual distortions made by using parallel lines and structured gradients give an understated nod to 60s op art and post-painterly abstraction, while leaving room for narrative.

That narrative is about energy, movement, and change; Interconnectedness, entropy, and potentiality. They're complicated subjects to explain, but also the most fundamental, and to me, the most beautiful.