Corpus Collusion Launches
The Recipe Box For iPad

For Immediate Release
October 18th, 2011

Corpus Collusion announces The Recipe Box version 1.4.1 — an extraordinary app that turns an ordinary iPad into the perfect kitchen companion. It’s the most magical way to create, display, and manage an iPad user’s own recipes. Featuring support for the iPad 2 camera, AirPrint, and AirPlay, The Recipe Box from Corpus Collusion is available from the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

Nothing builds cooking confidence like being organized, and The Recipe Box takes the worry out of the way. Cross-referencing under several customizable categories lets users find a recipe by course, cuisine, season, and more. Users can browse recipes with a simple swipe, dim ingredients while collecting them, and track steps in multiple recipes.

“We wanted to remove any obstacles that prevent iPad users from saving and using their favorite recipes,” said software architect and company co-founder Kathy Tafel. “I’m so gratified that our users find The Recipe Box fun and enjoyable.”

Entering a recipe is easy with the useful extra keyboard that offers numbers, measures, and cooking terms. Once created, The Recipe Box magically transforms recipes into works of art on the iPad, in email, or print. What’s more, this virtual cookbook can display home cooking shows made with the iPad 2 camera on the user’s Apple TV.

“The Recipe Box introduces iPad customers to a visually rich user experience,” said visual designer and company co-founder Vibrata Chromodoris. “At Corpus Collusion, we firmly believe aesthetics is a key usability feature. The more easily you can read the recipe, the more you can relax and enjoy preparing your meal.”

The Recipe Box fits squarely into today’s food revolution with its focus on local ingredients and organic cooking. Customers want to eat less processed food, and share their favorite methods with friends. The Recipe Box lets users collect recipes from anywhere to have in one central location.


Key Features

Easy Entry
• Enter recipes from any website, email or digital document with copy and paste
• Use The Recipe Box Keyboard to tap in shortcuts for cooking terms
• Add photos and video using the iPad 2 camera
• Write notes while cooking

Beautiful Graphics
• Focus on ingredients and instructions with no-distractions cook layout
• Switch easily between multiple recipes while tracking the current step
• Delightful print and email layouts
• Watch videos on iPad or Apple TV

Powerful Management
• Search for multiple ingredients in powerful search bar
• Keep a bookmarks list and instantly track history
• Email or print ingredients as a shopping list
• Access recipes without an Internet connection

Further Information
Available on the App Store