At Corpus Collusion, we’re devoted to creating software with equal parts ingenuity and equal parts aesthetics for an intuitive, elegant whole.
Who we are

Corpus Collusion was founded in 2009 to make useful, fun, and beautiful software for iOS devices. Company co-founder Kathy Tafel is a Mac industry innovator with nearly a decade of experience at Apple. Company co-founder Vibrata Chromodoris is a fine artist whose work has been enjoyed around the world.

Kathy Tafel and Vibrata Chromodoris admired each other’s work from afar for many years before finally collaborating on an art car driven around the Black Rock desert in 2007. It became clear that the two worked far better together than apart, and have been colluding ever since. They share a previously unrivalled attention to detail bordering on insanity — or perfection.

Kathy Tafel

Kathy Tafel led the web editorial team supporting Apple’s award-winning Mac. vs. PC and Switch advertising campaigns. She also wrote or oversaw the writing just about every Mac OS X web page from 10.0 to Tiger, as well as many product launches, including Mac Mini, iMac Intel, Logic, iLife, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, the Intel transition and Mac rebranding. She also helped game developers get key technology into Mac OS X before its release.

After delving into the iOS SDK, she was delighted to discover that OSX is as elegant on the inside as it is on the outside. Prior to Apple, she was a member of MacAddict magazine’s original editorial team, worked at Ziff-Davis Publishing, and Mac developer OSC. Tafel left Apple in 2006 to encourage people to register to vote, but far prefers technology to politics and is happy to return. Follow Kathy.

Vibrata Chromodoris
Visual Design/UX/Design Production

Vibrata Chromodoris appears regularly in galleries and alternative art venues in the Bay Area. Vibrata’s intermedia paintings and digital work have been shown in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Chicago and as far away as Turkey, Portugal and Japan. Her images include elements of symmetry and rhythmic patterning, geometry and the use of beguiling perceptual distortions. She is an intermedia artist, seamlessly blending computer design with traditional acrylic-on-canvas techniques.

Her parallel career in graphic design grew out of her work on self-promotional material for fine art and quickly expanded into a full service freelance company of one. She has worked with brands as diverse as Hewlett Packard, CNET, Cisco and Red Bull as well as a multitude of small businesses and individuals. Now, as half of a company of two, she maintains her mandate to produce clean, engaging, high-impact design that elevates, inspires and enlivens. Follow Vibrata.