Corpus Collusion Launches
The Recipe Box For iPad

For Immediate Release
February 2nd, 2011

Corpus Collusion proudly introduces The Recipe Box — the most magical way to create, display, and manage an iPad user’s own recipes. The Recipe Box turns an ordinary iPad (not that the iPad is ordinary) into the perfect kitchen companion, with convenience features for entering, displaying, and finding recipes unavailable anywhere else. The Recipe Box from Corpus Collusion is available from the iTunes App Store for the introductory price of $6.99.

“Oh, this is fun.” isn’t something you hear every day about data entry, but, remarkably, that’s what The Recipe Box users say. The innovative keyboard makes adding recipes enjoyable, with shortcuts for fractions, measures, and other often-used cooking phrases. Users can tag recipes with a prefab set of categories, or create their own, for the ultimate in cross-referencing. The Recipe Box keeps it simple with an easy paragraph entry form that works well with either the onscreen keyboard or an attached hardware keyboard.

“We wanted to remove any obstacles that prevent iPad users from saving and using their favorite recipes,” said software architect and company co-founder Kathy Tafel. “I’m so gratified that our users find The Recipe Box fun and enjoyable.”

Once in The Recipe Box, users can find and sort recipes instantly. A gorgeous layout for display makes home recipes look as if they came from a professional magazine or cookbook. The Recipe Box takes advantage of the iPad’s advanced typography support including stunning fonts, ornaments, and ligatures. Directions are rendered in large type for easy viewing across the kitchen, and users highlight their current step with just a tap.

“The Recipe Box introduces iPad customers to a visually rich user experience,” said visual designer and company co-founder Vibrata Chromodoris. “At Corpus Collusion, we firmly believe aesthetics is a key usability feature. The more easily you can read the recipe, the more you can relax and enjoy preparing your meal.”

The Recipe Box marks the debut of iOS development from Corpus Collusion.

Key Features

Easy Entry
• Enter recipes with cut and paste
• Use The Recipe Box Keyboard to tap in shortcuts for cooking terms
• Cross-reference recipes in multiple categories

Beautiful Graphics
• Focus on ingredients and instructions with no-distractions cook layout
• Switch easily between multiple recipes while tracking the current step
• Buttons as sweet as syrup

Powerful Management
• Search for multiple ingredients in powerful search bar
• Keep a bookmarks list and instantly track history
• Email ingredients as a clickable shopping list
• Share using an elegant email layout