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Selling art is lovely. It's validating, it pays some bills, and it gives me energy to stay productive. But if I never sold another piece, I'd be ok as long as I were showing it to people. Lots of people.

It's the reality that has sustained me the longest and pushed me the hardest -- that I'm not complete as an artist without an audience. The audience, and especially my fans and patrons, are SO important!! I'm deeply grateful for every person that shows appreciation or makes a purchase. It closes a sacred circle: the creator... the creation... the beholder... the beholding.

That's why I show my work on social media, essentially for free. It needs to be seen and appreciated. I owe that to myself and the work. I'm constantly thinking about art, refining and tweaking my process, examining and evaluating deeply in the hopes that I'm providing you with something that delights you. It might be an ineffable shiver, or a deep insight, or an echo of something emotional, a recognition of something awe-inspiring.

I wonder if we could work together so that you share with me an amount you think is fair for what you receive out of the work I make in my studio. Whatever you can afford that lets me know I have some value in your life. I know art is something that people only think about when the immediate survival needs are already met — I don't need it to be a sacrifice. I'm looking for sustainability. I want to keep making the work and keep showing it, and I hope you want that, too!

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Thank you so much in advance. I love making art for you.

Vibrata Chromodoris
January 1, 2021

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