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 vibrata chromodoris



July 3rd - 5th
Belden, CA

Debut of the Lichtoglyphs


Friends and Family Campout
August 3rd - 5th
Saratoga Springs, CA

Sprites installation


Visionary Arts Academy
November 21st, 6 PM EST
Live Interview and Art Jam

Friends and Family Campout
July 28th - 30st
Saratoga Springs, CA

Franny and Zooey installation

June 29th - July 2nd
Belden, CA

New installation!
Franny and Zooey
See it in the Intermedia gallery

Wisdom 2.0 Conference
February 17th - 19th
San Francisco, CA

Articulum and Dō-Deck installation


Beloved Festival
August 12th - 15th
Tidewater, OR

Dō-Deck and the Sprites installation

Friends and Family Campout
July 29th - 31st
Saratoga Springs, CA

Dō-Deck installation

July 1st - 4th
Belden, CA

Dō-Deck installation -- New CNC piece for 2016! Please see the Intermedia portfolio


CoSM Visionary Painting Intensive
with Alex Grey & Allyson Grey
Sunday, July 19th - Saturday the 25th , 2015
Wappingers Falls, NY

Visionary Salon: Tessellation Fascination
with Vibrata Chromodoris
hosted by Alex & Allyson Grey
July 18th, 2015, 3 - 10 pm
Admission Online - $65 / Door - $75

Vallejo Second Friday Art Walk
Every second friday of the month
312 Georgia St. #255
Join me in my new studio to ogle a bunch of my work old and new

Wisdom 2.0 Conference
Mariot Marquis Hotel
Feb 27th- Mar 1st
San Francisco, CA

Articulum Installation


Treasure Island Music Festival
October 18th and 19th
Treasure Island, CA

Articulum installation

Boom Festival
August 4th to August 11th
Idanha-a- Nova, Portugal

Part of the Visionarty Art Museum installation

July 3rd to July 6th
Belden, CA

Articulum installation

Sunset Island Music Festival
June 14th
Treasure Island, CA

Articulum installation

Lightning in a Bottle
San Antonio Recreation Area
May 22nd to May 25th

Articulum installation

Bicycle Day
Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at 8:00 PM - Sunday, April 20th, 2014 at 12:00 AM (PDT)
The Regency Center
1300 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94109

I'm excited to once again be a part of this year's Bicycle Day Weekend, taking place April 19-20 at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. Other artists include: Alex & Allyson Grey, MiMOSA, Gramatik, Star Slinger, Opiuo, Random Rab, Thriftworks, Andreilien, Kayla Scintilla, Love and Light, many more.


Bicycle Day
Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at 8:00 PM - Sunday, April 20th, 2014 at 12:00 AM (PDT)
The Regency Center
1300 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94109

I'm excited to once again be a part of this year's Bicycle Day Weekend, taking place April 19-20 at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. Other artists include: Alex & Allyson Grey, MiMOSA, Gramatik, Star Slinger, Opiuo, Random Rab, Thriftworks, Andreilien, Kayla Scintilla, Love and Light, many more.


September 19th - 23rd, 2013
Woodward Reservoir
Oakdale, CA

Burning Man
August 26th - September 02nd, 2013
Black Rock Desert, NV

July 4, 2013 - July 7, 2013
Belden, CA

Hacked Organic
Saturday, April 6, 2013at 6:00pm
Langton Labs
San Francisco, CA

Join us for an investigation of art and music dedicated to the melding of traditional instruments and materials and new means of utilizing them. We've gathered musicians, makers and artists who've built their tools to best suit their needs, developed their own unique processes, and/or pushed their mediums to the greatest extent and we'd like to present them to you!
Langton Labs will be transformed into a fantastic art gallery, tea house, and musical venue for just one night. Prints and original works available for purchase. Come by and see what we've stirred up!


04/19/2012 - Bicycle Day
Visionary Art Panel, Live painting w/ Allyson Grey
10:00 PM - 3:00 AM
1015 Folsom

04/28/2012 - Entropy
Two-person exhibit at Old Crow with Mario Ayala
Reception 8pm > 12am

05/24/2012 - 05/28/2012 - Lightning in a Bottle
Silverado, CA

07/01/2012 - Priceless 2012
Belden, CA
Debut of the Priceless Sprites

07/27/2012 - Arts of Heroism
@ the Glint
Arts of Heroism is a celebration of TheGlint's mission of 'redesigning heroism', a concept that aims to change the perception of who/what a hero is. Artists include Rob Bell, Kristy Hilands, Gayle Karen Young, and myself. I ended up giving an impromptu talk and Q & A about the Priceless Sprites.

08/28/2012 - Burning Man: Fertility 2.0
Details TBA

09/20/2012 - Re:Creation
Live collaborative painting with Allyson Grey, along with: Alex Grey + Mars-1, Oliver Vernon + Damon Soule, and Amanda Sage + Randal Roberts
Highline Ballroom, NYC

09/20/2012 - Autumnal Equinox Celestial Celebration
Live collaborative painting with Allyson Grey. Along with: Alex Grey + Mars-1, Oliver Vernon + Damon Soule, and Amanda Sage + Randal Roberts
CoSM, Wappinger, NY

10/06/2012 - 10/28/2012 - The 26th Annual Emeryville Celebration of the Arts
5980 Christie Avenue
Emeryville, CA


07/01/2011 - Priceless 2011
Belden, CA
Debut of Xingularity - see it in the Intermedia gallery

08/27/2011 - Burning Man: Rites of Passage
Black Rock Desert, NV

12/08/2011 - 12/11/2011 - MAPS 25th Anniversary Conference
Oakland Marriott City Center East Hall
1001 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607


11/20/10 - 12/20/10 - "7th Annual Interdimensional Art Show"
Madrone Studios
1417 15th St., SF, CA 94103
Emeryville, CA

Saturday, November 20, 2010
12:00pm > 4:00am

10/01/10 - 10/24/10 - "Emeryville Art Exhibition"
5815 Shellmound Way Emeryville, CA

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 1, 2010 6:00pm > 9:00pm

04/15/10 - 04/18/10 - "MAPS 2010 Conference"

Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century

San Jose, California

04/07/10 - 06/02/10 - "Universal Parallels"

Hotel Triton, 342 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108, (415) 394-0500

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, April 28th
8pm > ?

02/01/10 - 02/28/10 - "connect + j"

Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery, 362 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610 (877) 206-1588
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, 02/05/10
8pm > 11pm

01/11/10 - 02/12/10 - "Vectorus Maximus"

The Lightroom, 2263 Fifth St. , Berkeley, CA
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, 01/16/10
2pm > 5pm


04/04/09 - 04/28/09 - Catalyzing Collective Creativity

Push Studio, 864 Folsom St., SF, CA 94107 OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, 04/04/09
6pm > 10pm




"Simple Geometry"

The Historic Monadnock Building
685 Market Street, floors 3, 4 & 5
San Francisco, CA
5 pm - 7 pm


03/03/07 - MetaMedia Cooperation

07/14/07 - 10/13/07 - Transformations


02/06 New painting - "Sacrifice"

03/03/06 04/08/06 - Minds Wide Open - Around the Coyote Gallery, Chicago, IL - This was the last stop for my painting, Rigpa: Wildmind, on its cross country tour with the Minds Wide Open show.

03/27/06 04/02/06 - "Soulclipse" a Total Solar Eclipse Festival - Paradise Canyon, Turkey - - I had two digital prints on canvas hanging in the Nectar Temple, coutesy of Ben Ben Stone productions and Carey Thompson.

05/13/06 - 4th Annual Interdimensional Art Show - Seattle, WA -

05/27/06 - SpringFest - Oakland, CA - A production of False Profit and the Rhythm Society.

06/06 If you're a fan of character design (and even if you're not) you might enjoy visiting . I have a gallery of my characters up there along with hundreds of other artists.... If you need a diversion of the artistic sort, there are some silly/cute/gross/stylish and otherwise sensational characters for you to see!

My last commissioned painting, "Sophia", was hired for the cover of a Journal of Speculative Fiction called "Zahir"-

Check out The Elfintome online store for the Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex (I'm in Booster Packs I and III) as well as the Visionary Art Catalogues they publish.

06/06 Sand Circle - Twenty Faces -

06/16/06 06/18/06 - Emrg+n+see - Ashland, Oregon - Fellow artists and I set up a visionary art village and market where we hung out and did live painting into the wee hours.

08/03/06 08/09/06 - Boom Festival '06 - Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal - I didn't attend this gigantic international trance event in person, but created 6 large digital canvas prints to display in the art village.

09/21/06 09/25/06 - Symbiosis '06 - Angels Camp, California - Another outdoor event that hosted a visionary art village, this set-up was more of a gallery....a very slick production thanks to Roman and Jen of Tribe 13.

08/28/06 09/04/06 - Burning Man - Black Rock Desert, Nevada - This year was my 6th visit to Burning Man and by far the most exciting. Not only was I a featured artist in the Entheon Village, but I was privileged to create a 10' "stained glass" window for the spectacular Conexus Cathedral.

Entheon Village hosted three giant art domes, the largest of which was dedicated to the work of Alex and Alyson Grey, another for the work of Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann. My seven digital canvases hung in the "Interdimensional Art Movement Unified" Dome. The fourth majestic structure, nicknamed the "Saddle Dome", hosted workshops, lectures and music events. It was a great project to be a part of and I'm definitely considering it for next year.

Conexus Village produced one of the most breathtaking and photogenic playa intermedia with the Cathedral project. I was asked to contribute art for the rose window and ended up designing and producing this centerpiece which was made out of clear vinyl. The digitally designed pieces had to be hand cut and dyed, carefully laid out and glued to a strong nylon mesh. It was a unique and exciting project for me and a deeply satisfying experience overall. I've put together a photo journal of the production process that you can see here:

09/06 - Entheogen Review - I'm very honored to have my work represented on the cover of the Summer Solstice issue of this quarterly publication about the use of visionary plants and drugs.

10/06 - Crystal Tara T-Shirts - Crystal Tara, a Bay Area clothing design company, is producing an edition of screen printed men's long sleeve T-shirts and women's tank-dresses featuring my piece "Heart Math", a commissioned painting completed in 2000.

11/18/06 Synergenesis III - Red Ink Studios, SF - - For the third year in a row, this celebration of visionary arts and culture was quite the to-do. Somewhere around 50 artists displayed their work, which came in all forms, from pen and ink drawings to full scale mixed -media intermedia. For my own contribution, I completed my latest commissioned painting, titled Jacob's Ladder, which you can now see in the Commissions section under recent work.


09/24/05 to 11/29/05 Minds Wide Open - The Light Space Gallery in Venice, California, is hosting this exciting exhibition that I've been invited to be a part of. Light Space Gallery is owned by photographer Dean Chamberlain. Along with Chamberlain's work will be images from Kenny Scharf, Luke Brown, Carey Thompson, J. Garcia, Stacy Valis, Alex Grey, Oliver Vernon, Allyson Grey, Robert Williams, Paul Laffoley and Suzanne Williams.

In December the show will move to MicroCoSM gallery in NYC (an off-shoot of Alex Grey's CoSM gallery) to hang until mid February, and then to Around the Coyote in Chicago for a five week stay.

10/08/05 Synergenesis - The second incarnation of this conference and celebration of visionary culture and design takes place at the Project Artaud Theater (moving to Cell Space for the evening festivities) and I'll have a new painting to show. With any luck I'll also be showing at least one new digital print on canvas as well. Synergenesis has helped bring solidarity and cohesion to the emerging voice of western shamanic arts.

10/16/05 to 01/02/06 MoMA, NYC - "SAFE: Design takes on risk" - In 1999 I was hired by my first graphic design client, a non-profit harm reduction organization called Dancesafe. They're still using the logo I designed for them and some of my graphics still appear in their print literature. An upcoming exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York will include some work produced for Dancesafe by Jason Justice of Justice Design and myself.

08/26/05 to 09/03/05 Burning Man Festival - The Wind Oracle made a second appearance on the playa this year with some design additions and structural improvements. Installation went smoothly and this year's bonus was an abundance of wind-power to keep the modules rotating. The key for translating the symbols was redesigned as a light-box display, easily legible at night. It vanished in a windstorm, ironically, on the third day. I also displayed a large canvas print of "Warriors" in the D.M.Temple, a project spearheaded by Carey Thompson to house visionary art on the playa. The structure, and the exhibit, was magnificent, including work by Martina Hoffmann, Victor Olenev, Robert Venosa, Luke Brown, Thompson himself, and Alex Grey. Check my photography pages for images.


06/11/05 to 06/12/05 Harmony Festival - I participated in a Transformational Art Exhibit at this Santa Rosa festival that has been going on for 26+ years. It's described as Northern California's community celebration of progressive culture, incorporating music, arts, ecology and healthful living.


05/27/05 to 05/29/05 Mind States - This was my second time participating in this annual conference on consciousness expansion ... this time as a presenter as well as an exhibitor. I showed my latest painting and presented slides of my work on a visionary artist's panel. The evening of 05/28 was a benefit party for CoSM gallery in NYC. I set up there and sold prints.

05/14/05 Interdimensional Art Show - This Seattle, Washington event showcased a whole range of artists working in and around the genre of visionary art, including Andrew Gonzalez, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Alex Grey, Mark Henson, Luke Brown, Carey Thompson, Roman Villagrana and myself. After the 05/14 opening event, the artwork was moved to the Gallery of the Senses, 1402 E Pike in Seattle, and hangs until 06/05.

04/15/05 to 04/16/05 ASSA Con - The 3rd annual Altered States and the Spiritual Awakening Conference, put on by Explore Spirit, was held at the Center for Sex and Culture here in SF. I curated the art and exhibited a number of pieces.


11/04/04 to 12/04/04 Braindrops

String Theory - Solo show
Nov 4th to Dec 4th
1870 Hayes St.
San Francisco, CA
Mon to Sat 1 > 8, Sun 1 > 7
Thursday, November 4th

7pm to 10pm

11/06/04 Synergenesis

SYNERGENESIS: An experience of Transpersonal Visionary Art and Culture at the Cusp of Human Coevolution
Saturday November 6th, 12pm-4am
2050 Bryant St, San Francisco

I've been invited to show my work and sit on an artist's panel at this conference of visionary artists. Also showing will be Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Mark Henson, Alex Grey, Paul Laffoley, Carey Thompson, Luke Brown, David Heskin, Xavi, Mariela de la Paz, Emily Butterfly, Michael Brown, J. Garcia, Kris D, Roman Villagrana, Nikki Anderson, Rob Newell and others.There will be a community market and an evening celebration with music and dancing.

12/22/04 CoSM Journal
CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) Journal is a publication put out by Alex Grey & friends to showcase visionary art and culture. The Winter Solstice issue will be featuring my artwork in the gallery section. You can purchase a copy on-line at


04/04 to 05/04 Epoch
A showing of paintings and digital prints
until May 7th at
2284 Fulton St.
Berkeley, CA

10am to 6pm daily, closed Sundays

Thursday, May 6th
7pm to 10pm

parking at Fulton and Kittredge


04/04 Zoetic Art - A new online gallery called showcasing visionary art has launched a section for my work.

03/04 Full Moon on Big Island - We hung the Worldspirit painting on a secluded coconut-palm shaded beach on the West side of Big Island, Hawaii, for an all ni ght dance gathering. Very surreal, really fun!

02/04 Transmission - I completed my latest commission, Transmission: Krishna & Arjuna, with no time to spare before flying to Hawaii for a working holiday. One more painting, Trust, was completed while I was there.

01/04 'Psychedelics, Altered Consciousness, and Visionary Art' - Jon Hanna, organizer of the Mind States Conferences and Editor of the Enthogen Review has included some of my slides in a presentation he's taking to various locations around the globe. View a video of Jon Hanna.

12/03 Worldspirit - Sweets Ballroom in Oakland hosted this extraordinary multimedia theatrical event featuring Alex Grey and Kenji Williams in a collaborative fusion of music and visual art. My paintings hung in the upper level gallery as well as the main space.

11/03 Synergia - Live painting again, this time a piece than stretched across the floor on a 22' length of dayglo orange canvas. The piece was dedicated to the upcoming Worldspirit event. See it here.

10/03 Decompression - We cleaned, fine-tuned, and reassembled the Wind Oracle in Esprit Park for one day. Thank you to everyone who helped!

10/03 Open Studios - Can you spontaneously decide at the last minute to participate in the city wide Open Studio tours? Yes. And I did.

08/04 Burning Man - The Wind Oracle was a huge undertaking for my husband, David Shamanik and I. It requires an entire website to fill you in.


06/03 Life Lines - My first solo show in the US happened in June at Melting Point Gallery, here in San Francisco! The opening was amazing; great turn out, great music and extra-special collaborative multi-media display by myself and Okeanos.

06/03 "Aeon" completed - After two years, this large commissioned diptych is finally finished.

05/03 Mind States - I showed work in this conference of experts and artists working in the field of altered states of consciousness. Among the presenting artists were Alex and Allyson Grey, Fred Tomaselli and Robert Venosa. The conference was held at UC Berkeley.

04/03 ArtSpan Selections 2003 - This was a juried show I was chosen to be in by the esteemed ArtSpan, a San Francisco non-profit organization that puts on the Open Studio tours every year. The exhibit was hosted by the Mills Building in downtown San Francisco.

02/03 Technology Creates - Exhibit at Danville Fine Art Gallery with fellow members of YLEM, an Art + Science collective.

02/03 Ascension - At this 3rd annual gathering to showcase electronic music, dance and art, I painted live with Amy Ornoski. I was once again honored to design the flyer and invitations for the event, and hung a display of my small personal paintings.


Several of my latest paintings are now at gallery >go<, 946 Leavenworth @ Pine, San Francisco. The space officially opens December 6th at 6pm.

gallery >go< showcases works of abstract formalism and abstract expressionism. Contact Gavin Coombs 415.474.4774

If you'd like to be notified about the opening reception, gallery hours, etc., go to the subscription page and add your email address to receive my newsletter.


My open studio was a big success! Thanks to everyone who came out.

The new digital designs I produced for the open studio can now be ordered through this site.

My archive section has been expanded to include some much older work. Check out Aesop & Ataxia.

I've created a seperate section in Recent Work for my UV Reactive paintings.


New paintings! Check the Personal page for:
"The Dance"
I'm devoting myself to producing as much work as possible before the October 5th & 6th Open Studio tour. I will be flinging open the gates to my sanctuary and inviting one and all to snoop around and offer me little bits of paper in exchange for my precious products. Go to for more info, or sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date with this event.

The second half of my much anticipated diptych is still in progress. Everyone keeps telling me how excited they are to see it finished...well, no one is more excited than I am!

Check for the new business card designs in the Print section of the design gallery. These gigs were pretty close to home.