Artist's Statement of Intent

Symmetry, color and repetition have a visceral power that I love to explore. Rhythm, pattern and reflection are my elements. Movement and change, flux and entropy are my subjects. In my art I see a dance of self-aware energetic potentialities.

Growing up in Canada, I was surrounded by the visually rich and powerful images of Northern Indigenous artists. These artists pay homage to the deep connection they feel with nature in their depictions of magical deities and mythological spirit animals, pulsating with colorful life-force energy. Eventually I found myself being drawn to the art of other indigenous cultures such as the ancient people of Australia and South America. The commonalities that inspire me are the expressions of awe at the beauty of the intangible; the act of creating art as a work of devotion; the ability of the artist to bring the unseen into visible form.

My loyalty to painting and newfound love for sculpture is coupled with my delight for digital imaging, and one medium informs the other. My computer tools have become essential to my method of sketching a design, choosing colors and executing each piece. The ease with which I can create mathematically precise geometric shapes, mirror reflections and symmetrical iterations has deeply influenced my artistic voice.

Vibrata Chromodoris