HBFA Visual Arts - Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada
General Arts and Sciences, Confederation College -Thunder Bay


Best in Show - Gallery 215, Toronto, Canada
Mr. and Mrs. James MacAllan Munro Family Memorial Prize for Visual Arts - Lakehead University
Lakehead University Student Union Purchase Award
Award for Academic Excellence - Lakehead University
Dean's Award for Academic Achievement - Confederation College



2010 "Command+J" - Old Crow Tattoo, Oakland
"Universal Parallels" - Hotel Triton, San Francisco
"Vectorus Maximus" - The Lightroom Gallery, Berkeley

2003 “Life Lines” - Melting Point Gallery, San Francisco
2002 “Vibrationals” - Garden Cafe, Oita, Japan
2001 “Organized Labor” - Detour 888, San Francisco
1992 “Sincerely, a Friend” - Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay
“The Woman in Black” - Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay


2010 "MAPS 2010 Conference" - Holiday Inn, San Jose
"Boom Festival '10" - Portugal
2009 "Catalyzing Collective Creativity" - Push Studio, San Francisco
2008 "Simple Geometry" - Monadnock Building, San Francisco
2007 "MetaMedia Cooperation" - Oregon
"Transformations" -
2006 "Minds Wide Open" - Around the Coyote, Chicago
"4th Annual Interdimensional Art Show" - Seattle
"Synergenesis III" - Red Ink Studios, SF
2005 "Mind States" - Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
"Harmony Festival" - Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa
"Interdimensional Art Show" - Gallery of the Senses, Seattle
"Assa Con" - Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco ** Curated
"Synergenesis 2" - Cell Space, San Francisco
"Minds Wide Open" - Light Space Gallery, Los Angeles
2004 “Synergenesis” - Cell Space, San Francisco
2003 “Mind States” - UC Berkeley, Berkeley
“ArtSpan Selections 2003” - The Mills Building, San Francisco
“Technology Creates” - Danville Fine Art Gallery, Danville
2002 “Invention with Color” - gallery >go<, San Francisco
“An Evening with Alex Grey” - IKHQ, San Francisco
2000 “Currents” - Cafe Que Tal, San Francisco
1995 “Images of Eros” - Gallery 215, Toronto
“Juried Show” - Gallery 215, Toronto
1993 “Emergence/See Redux” - Marina Art Gallery, Thunder Bay
“Annual Juried Members Show” - Definitely Superior, Thunder Bay
“Regional Juried Show” - Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay
1992 “Annual Juried Members Show” - Definitely Superior, Thunder Bay
”Emergence/See” - Marina Art Gallery, Thunder Bay


2006 "Soulclipse" - Turkey
"Boom Festival '06" - Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal
"Symbiosis '06" - Angels Camp, California
"SpringFest" - Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland
"Emrg+n+see" - Ashland, Oregon
"Burning Man" - Black Rock Desert, Nevada
2005 "Convocation", Soap Factory Annex, San Francisco
"In:Flux", Vancouver, BC
2004 “The Fool” - Space 111, San Francisco
2003 “WorldSpirit” - Sweets Ballroom, Oakland
“Synergia” - IKHQ, San Francisco
“Ascension” - 1015 Folsom, San Francisco
2002 “Epic” - IKHQ, San Francisco
“Ascension” - 1015 Folsom, San Francisco
“The Mantra Lounge” - Black Box, Oakland
2001 “Ascension” - 550 Barneveld, San Francisco
“Ripples” - St. John's Episcopal Church, San Francisco
2000 “Ambient Groove Temple” - 7th Heaven Yoga Studio, Berkeley, California
“Samtosa” - The Yoga Shala, San Francisco
1999 “Technature” - Cell Space, San Francisco
“Goa Gil's Birthday Party” - Area 101, Mendocino, California
“Playtime” - St. John's Episcopal Church, San Francisco
1998 “Interference Orange” - Latvian Cultural Center, Toronto
“Earthdance” - Toronto


2005 "Psychedelic Psychosynthesis" - "Mind States","San Francisco
"Visionary Artist's Panel" - "Avatar", NYC


Medicine Catalog, San Francisco, May 2005
Marisa Scirocco, “CoSM Gallery”, CoSM: Journal of Visionary Culture, NY, Vol I, December 2004
Synergenesis: Visionary Art Catalog, San Francisco, November 2004


Lakehead University Student Union
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Hailey
Jon Hanna
Dr. John Martin, Ph.D.
Zachary Braverman
Dave Evans
Ammon Haggerty
Jennifer Leiberman, M.A.
Shannon Titus
Peter Tofinetti
Rachel Proulx
Michael Lazaar and Kathy Anne Woodruff
Michael Morris
David Miller
Erik Davis